Thursday, October 06, 2005

As promised...

...A total list of where I stand on most issues. We will call this part 1 because obviously I am going to miss some things. We will start with the fiscal issues.


On some level people need to realize that taxes have become nothing more than a redistribution of wealth. Yes some taxes are needed for the defense of the nation, roads and alike, but there is no where that the government is given power to give farmers MY MONEY to raise crops and burn them.

Campaign Finance Reform:

You are telling someone how they can and cannot speak out. If I want to give a million dollars to help an official get elected there is no reason I should be limited in my giving to them. I could just ask them to appear at several functions instead and spend my money that way, this just eliminates the need of me to plan such an event. How the hell can you take my voice and squelch it so?


Drop them. If you cant compete with outside sources of goods, then maybe we shouldnt be in those businesses. Steel tariffs harm our economy by raising the price of steel. Great, we suck at making steel, why dont we take those workers and turn them into manufacturers of a steel product and resell it to that country at a higher price? Just because your lazy ass cant compete in a national market does not mean that you should get special treatment and cost everyone more money.

Free Trade:

Univeral free trade helps everyone involved. Lay off the crap and let the market work itself.


At one point in history they helped progress workers rights. Today they are a political wing forcing people in industry to pay them and then turning that money into campaign contributions for people they may or may not want to support. They also remove the ability of that industry to compete with other manufacturers. Steel is a prime example, also see union airlines, union car makers. All losing market share, all losing money, all going bankrupt.

These are the big ones, I may add to the list later but for now I am happy with that. Now on to the social issues:


Are bad step up the war, see previous entry.


You know, I don't so much mind that they happen. It is tragic, it sucks but I am not going to step on someone else's right. If you can cut yourself for pleasure, I don't know why this is any different. However I do support an abortion ban (minus extenuating circumstances). More practically I support removing cost coverage for them. The women who want an abortion should be forced to pay the whole cost of an abortion (about $5k) up front with no subsidies from Insurance companies nor any governmental body. This is not "birth control" it is killing a living being.

Gay Marriage:

Marriage is a religious ceremony and for gays to force their religion on the rest of us is very much a "seperation of church and state" issue. (It's in quotes because no such thing exists) If you get to force my religion to recognize your "marriage" then I get to force my religion on you. You can have civil unions but to call them a marriage first goes against the meaning of marriage, and against human nature.


Motion Activated Turrets every 25 feet or so. A nice deep river behind that along with a wall along that rive making it a 15 foot climb straight up with no ledge. Oh and the wall will slant at the top.

Freedom of Speach:

Applies to everyone. If you say something stupid, I have every right to call you a moron. You are not the exclusive holder to freedom of speach. If I decide to not buy the Dickie.....erm Dixie Chicks next album because they said something stupid, that is not denying them their freedom of speach. It is denying them the money to have a platform for that kind of stupid statement. Discourse is required and just because someone disagrees with you does not make them Nazis, Facists, Communists, idiots, morons, stupid, unenlightened, retards, or foolish. However if they say "Bush is the worst president ever" and when asked why they spout of some sort of idiocy like "Haliburton", "Blood for Oil", or a bushism, you then have every right to tell them why they are any of the above.

Freedom to bear Arms:

Everyone has the right to a gun. This does not mean a right to a pistol only, it means I have the right to have a cannon in my backyard. Unless you can prove that I am going to do something sinister with it, shut up. Also, don't spout off that "Well then why does it say militias" bullshit. If they meant militias they would not have said "The right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Please tell me what english class you failed out of that you cannot spot a noun so I can shut that school down....speaking of

Public Schools:

Suck, shut em down. We spend almost 50 cents of every tax dollar on education. Of the nations beating us in scores most spend about half what we do on their schools, many spend between 15-25% of what we do. The teachers union is part of the problem, see unions above. They have eliminated the ability to swiftly deal with teachers who are problematic simply because they have tenure. Second is the teachers dont care. Oops, Bobby is failing, I think I will send a note home with him. Yeah, how many teacher notes did you ever deliver to your parents after the first one? Schools need to be taken off of the public fund and moved entirely to private schools. Now this raises literacy conerns which is where school vouchers come into play. As we all realize that education is important (and while I would prefer that everyone pay their own way) this is how the system starts. You have children, you want to have them schooled, you pay about $500-$1000 a year for a decent private school and bingo, your kid is getting a better education, your taxes are dropped in proportion and we lose this total waste of taxpayer dollars called the public education system.

The Enviornment:

All right hippies, listen up and listen up good. Take a look at all your scientific "evidence" and weed it for problems. The Earth is not getting warmer. Look at the places they take average temps vs where they took them 30 years ago. Same spot, but most are now industrialized. Pavement and buildings with furnaces and cars with engines produce heat. Some trap heat. Now this once farmland is warmer, but is the earth any warmer? Well in the area's where there hasn't been industrialization the temps have actually declined. Also in populated areas tested before like New York have also gone down. So you take this small fraction and claim a global epidemic when all you are doing is lying to people to push an anti-capitalist agenda. Grow up, but the doobie down and get a job asshole.

I will add to this list later, but this basically pulls every point out that I needed to make. Good day.
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