Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The War on Drugs

Alrighty, today is the day I define how the world should deal with the "War on Drugs". This came about this afternoon when the "conservative" pot head at work started to get on me for not being conservative enough on social issues. Truth be told, I am much more of a libertarian, however I prefer fiscal matters to social issues so I vote republican. I don't really care to point this out to him as I have quite a few social issues that I stand against the libertarian brethren on. The war on Drugs was the first issue I came up with.

Now, the "War on Drugs" is a joke. It was a joke in the 80's, even worse with the pot head we had in the oval office in the 90's and continues to flounder today. The problem is we are going after the end users. We aren't trying to cut this problem off at the head, instead we cut off the tips of it's nails which grow back just as fast. My approach has 3 parts. Part one is a universal declaration of banning with very very high mandatory minimums. For example, you get caught with any amount of illegal drugs, you are going to jail for 5 years. Period. I don't care if it was 1 gram or 1 kilo, you will spend at lest 5 years in jail. People who can be deemed distributors will get 25 years along with all property and assets seized. Transporters and runners who bring drugs across state borders will be imprisoned for life. I would say execute them, but I don't think that I could get that to fly in any court.

Now phase 2 is more complex. We create a mass amount of Narc's. For people who have a possession, the reward would be something small, say $1,000. Your local drug dealers get you a reward of $25,000, a state/regional distributor is $50,000, and a drug kingpin nets you a cool mil. Of course people chimed in at this point, "Well you are going to spend a lot of money on witness protection." Bullshit. I am not going to call these people into trial, no one would risk any amount of money for that. They leave a tip, we investigate and if we come up with something, you get your money when they are in jail. Of course to keep this money clean, it is exempt from all IRS taxing. This would accomplish 2 things. First, your slums in ghettos everywhere would become instant money mines. Suddenly, that single mother who is raising 3 kids by herself can cash in every night by looking out her window and calling the cops when she sees the crack king walk her street selling drugs.

Part 3. Any country found to have a drug trade that routes to the US in any way, shape or form instantly loses any support from the US. Their nation status is immediately denied, we no longer recognize them as a nation, they no longer receive any aid, we hold up all beneficial UN support for that nation (as we are a veto nation). You think Columbia would reform itself and go back to coffee if all the sudden the arms to fight their rebels got cut off? Damn right it would.

As a taste for tomorrow I will provide you all with a full synopsis of every important thing to me and where I stand on that issue. It will be an eye opener for some, but it will clear a lot of things up here so I can stop explaining myself all the time.
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