Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Repeating myself

Okay okay....I know this is really really silly but I have forsaken my generation. The lack of critical thinking, the absurdity of choices made, the lack of morals and even common decency is just appauling. People who fight their employers policies on things like no nose rings, no clothes with rips/holes/dress code and alike.

It amazes me that people my age cannot simply seem to grasp thes basic principles of business. Hot topic is a great store until you turn 15 or so. After that, buying clothes there is almost completely retarded. I say almost because I dont really care what people wear in their free time, however most of the stuff there is utter crap.

Moving on up to the crack heads who still think it is cool to do drugs until they can't see straight then wonder why you call them idiots. Same goes to you college alcoholics. A beer bong is not why you are at college. Aside from the fact that a Manhatten is a much better drink than beer, if you are going to guzzle down massive amounts of alcohol, there is NO REASON IN THIS WORLD that you should complain to me about your hangover. You were irresponsible and don't have any sick time to use. Oops, maybe you should have actually come to work instead of faking being sick so you could watch cartoons. I have no sympathy for you.

Lastly, let me berate you tards who cannot tell me when the war of 1812 happened. Let me not forget the idiots who signed the petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide. How about you tards that cant figure out that 2+2=4, not 22... The fact that you all could not pay attention to the most basic aspects of schooling makes me wonder how you live without someone wispering in your ear to breath.

This may seem like I am picking on stupid people, I am. These are the people that do not need to exist. They take up resources, vote on who is prettier, and screw up the world for people who might actually succeed. These people need to be given their own state. Ok, maybe not a state, we can start with the whole state of california. We will take the nice part (northern half), anyone who is smart can move out, no traffic jams coming from there. We fence it off, patrol it harder than the mexican border and import there all the people who cannot day to day life without interfering with others.
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