Tuesday, January 03, 2006

So many, many topics

Alright, today I had great thouts on Soda Pop not being linked to cancer, income level indicates effectiveness of depression treatments, and Kyoto being abandoned by all the signing nations because there is no possible way to meet the requirements with any economic pheasability.

Instead I settled on "organic" foods. The Herald has a GREAT article about organic foods and it's ability to feed the world through "organic" means. Among other things, those who typically buy "organic" foods are the hippy feed the world crowd and yet they are supporting a crop that could feed less than half the world.

Now the supposed "organic" foods haven no proven health benefits, cannot even be proven "organic" and yet people are willing to pay 4 times as much as regular food for them. The entire premise of "organic" foods is pyschosymatic, there is NO benefit other than you think it's better.I yield on one point of this, "organic" chicken tastes really really good. But the rest of it I actually prefer the non"organic" over the "organic" foods.
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