Sunday, July 24, 2005

Democratic Party Missing: Feared Dead

As much as I love the idea of the Dem's removing themselves from the spotlight, I do miss the ability of them to put up some sort of a fight. What makes this somewhat hurtful is that a formerly once strong party, a party of ideals and solutions has become a back seat member and when we do hear something from them all they do is obstruct a working plan. When the house started working to make the PATRIOT Act permanent, the democrats, rather than give an alternative, something of any substance, said no it doesn't work scrap it. We advocate the evil and dreaded "profiling" for muslims and you get a big NO from the other side, even though it works a whole lot better than "random" searches and targeting we get nothing to do something equally as well. Think about it in terms of a dartboard. If you aim carefully at the bullseye you aren't always going to hit it, however putting a blindfold on spinning in circles the odds of you hitting a bullseye increase 100 fold.

Democratic Party Missing: Feared Dead is from American Dad, a new show on FOX and it sums up the party quite well.
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