Friday, July 22, 2005


The ACLU is fighting with the government to allow pictures from Abu Ghraib to be shown to the American people citing:

"We obviously express skepticism about the latest move on the government's part to withhold information the public is clearly entitled to," said Amrit Singh, a staff attorney with the ACLU.

Somehow I do not believe they will be showing the picture of Nick Berg's head being cut off side by side with it.

I saw on one comic that I printed out and put on my office wall at work. It shows the Senate building with a voice saying "Why exactly do we need a prison at Guantanamo Bay again?" and a plane barreling straight at the building. It seems in the age of instant gratification, we have somehow lost the pictures of 9/11, the terrorists killing innocent civilians in cold blood, torturing them with decapetation with a dull knife. Let me link some of them here so you people can remember, then stop asking me why this shit happens and realize that we didn't start this shit but we damn well are going to end it!

DO NOT MESS WITH THE USA. ACLU go home to communist China and leave America to Americans you scum.
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