Thursday, July 21, 2005


I know a lot of people probably have a bad taste for this but looking back at the internment of people whos cultures attacked America, unprovoked, was a very successful campaign. Not pleasant for those in the camps, but safer for them. Look at the 9/11 attacks and the rage taken out on muslims afterwards. The people attacked may or may not have been involved, but they were targets of people angered by what many in their religion consider right and just.

Now, after the UK bombings we find that these bombers were born citizens. They were corrupted in the country of their birth! How do you combat people who are so naive that they allow themselves to hate their country? How do you protect a country against people who hate it and are citizens? I propose 2 things. First is a re-emergence of internment. Anyone who shows hatred of the country in such a way, is involved in organizations that are anti-American, terrorist, or otherwise need to be put in a place where they cannot harm other people. The second option is a renouncement of citizenship and a tax-payer paid ticket to any country in the world that they want to go to. While interned we will give them access to apply for citizenship, apply for asylum and we would glady give them up to the other country where they could escape. However I doubt many civilized countries would take these people, although I am sure Cuba, China, Iran, and North Korea would love to get these people.
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