Thursday, July 28, 2005

Looking Back Part 2

Now, up to this point I had held a few commons beliefs that I still hold today. Everything needed to make logical sense, there should be some benefit to everything I do, and that questions should be answered to adhere to the previous 2. So far most religions just didn't do it. I returned to christianity in a brief time where I was working my way through the different groups. For example, the mormons who follow the teachings of Joseph Smith Jr....The man who re-wrote the bible and added things that God only allowed him to see and no one else. Next. I liked Catholicism however the praying to Mary and the saints to me is a clear violation of the comandment "You shall have no other gods before me." So I settled into a small variant from there of Lutheranism. I quickly learned of 2 main Lutheran teachings in Minnesota. The first is the synod of Missouri. The more liberal of the two, they often preach not what the bible says, but what you FEEL the bible says. They allow to change their rules and principles without regard for what the bible says. Unless God comes down from on high and tells you something different, a religion should never change it's stance, especially on something such as a sin.

The other synod is the WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod). The more conservative of the 2, they hold firm to stances and policies and take a literal meaning of what the bible says. Many questions I had were answered in a way that made sense to me and the logical think that I put myself through all the time was quite satisfied.

What really gets me is that from here is not where I get my political views. In high school I was an avid reader of all things, I especially caught on to books of a political nature. One thing I noticed was that people always seemed to make irrational statements and then back them up by feelings. This simply would not do. I read things that made sense and things that didn't, and even to this day I am growing, feeling out new areas, and above all trying to make sense of senseless arguements. Typically those senseless arguements are made by liberals or democrats. I want to restore some sanity to the political process and as soon as I have the opportunity to run for office I will, come hell or high water.
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