Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Minimal effort

To an insane world and an equally insane people, I wish you all the best. Wandering thoughts of what people would do if things were not so easily spelled out for them shocks me sometimes. For example, the people who use hair dryers in the shower. Now from a young age, we are taught not to bring electrical devices into water and aside from that, what moron is going to try to dry ANYTHING while getting wet? Do people bring towels into the shower while bathing? Luckily Karl figured out that people need clear and concise instructions on what to do with their lives.

Democrats still have yet to figure this out. Hoping from issue to issue with no clear message is like handing a moron in a shower a blow dryer. Not quite sure what to do with it they take it and get fried. Karl told them to get out of the shower first and you wont get hurt before using it. I sometimes wonder if the dem's will ever get someone like Karl who has some brain power to run a successful campaign, but I realize that anyone with a brain really cannot be a democrat.

Sorry democrats
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