Sunday, July 24, 2005


To all the parents in the crowd, when you child starts screaming and whining about a toy, game or whatever they may want, what do you do? Do you get it for them, give in to their demand to shut them up? Of course not, you tell them to stop and if they don't you punish them. Breaking them of the habit is needed or else they learn that you will give in every single time to satisfy them. If they learn that you punish them when they do it they stop asking.

Terrorists are a lot like children. During the 90's we ran a campaign of giving in to them. It started with Somalia. We gave in to Aideed by pulling our troops out after a remarkably successful campaign where we lost a few soldiers. Clinton made the ultimate mistake of pulling our troops and allowing the general to run the country and take over. Bin Ladin then realized we can bleed and the smalest amount of blood causes us to run in fear. Fast forward to the embassy bombings, the Cole, and 9/11. Every single attack on the US resulted in nothing. Bin Ladin would hit us and we buried our dead, he would laugh and rejoice at the deaths he caused. 9/11 changed all that. We finally took the parental action of making these assholes pay. For 2 years we had them running, made them rethink their strategy and then the Spanish do the unthinkable. They capitulate to the terrorists. What happens? They get a dramatic increase in terrorist activity, more threats, more attacks.

The british were recently hit, they did nothing. Stay the course, do not change. The terrorists took the typical child approach. They attacked attacked again. Nothing. The children got a spanking that they will soon not forget and we need not worry about fulfilling these murderers wishes and give them the spanking they diserve.

"You do your worst, and we will do our best"
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