Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Freedom of speach my ass

My condolences to anyone who loses a family member in any circumstance. Even if it is for something I disagree with whole heartidly. The left however, does not put this kind of respect on anyone apparently.

Vandals torch 20 U.S. flags, car
Neighbors rally around family that just buried son-in-law soldier

FAIRFIELD - American flags, lining the lawn of the mother- and father-in-law of fallen U.S. Army Pfc. Timothy Hines Jr., were heaped in a pile early Saturday and burned under a car parked in front of the home - less than 24 hours after Hines was buried in Cincinnati's Spring Grove Cemetery.

Jim Wessel, Hines' father-in-law, said he thinks that the fire was a random act of vandalism.

The flames totaled Sara Wessel's car.

Sara is Hines' sister-in-law and Jim Wessel's oldest daughter. She had been staying at the house on Sando Drive since the family returned last week from Washington, D.C., where they were visiting Hines at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Hines, 21, was buried Friday after more than 400 people mourned his passing and celebrated his life at the Vineyard Community Church in Springdale. He was buried with full military honors, leaving behind a pregnant widow who expects to give birth in about two weeks and a 2-year-old daughter.

These people need to be round up and summarily executed. I'll let people defile the flag all day even though I hate it, but to take gifts given from a funeral of someone in the ground less than 24 hours is unforgiveable. I wonder sometimes if people think before they act, but then I am reminded of this site, where idiots display their anti-American views in a destructive nature and realize again, these people have the intelligence of algae.

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