Sunday, October 02, 2005

Change, and why some people refuse it

Over on Random Numbers, where I contribute regularly, I posted about so-called "Fossil Fuels." A very well thought out, well explained theory as to how oil is formed as opposed to the conventional thought that it takes millions of years, it is a continually renewing resouce. Posted in response to his multiple posts about oil, I thought I would put up this and let people make up their own minds. Rather than accept it as a probable theory, something that (much like the current theory on fossil fuel production) could very well happen.

Of course I shouldn't have expected a true discourse of ideas but instead a slew of profanity and personal attacks that I will not allow on this blog. I may use the occasional profanity, to which I try to avoid, but the sheer amount of them used in several emails back and forth prevents any person with decency from repeating them (one wonders how the original user used them at all).

Now that you know the background, one to the topic at hand. Change, especially of this type where you realize everything you thought you think you know is wrong, are especially hard for people to take. I have had a few of these in my lifetime, most of which moved me from the left to the right. Change is something many people wont accept, history has displayed this several times. People died for believing that the Earth was not the center of the Universe, that Hitler was not God willed to rule the world, that the moon was made of cheese....Well maybe not the last one. But the point is that even with a scientific concensus, science is not always the truth. A true scientist is always ready to say "EUREKA, I had it wrong!"

It appears that many don't adhear to this belief, and it is sad that these people call themselves scientists.
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