Wednesday, August 30, 2006

If at first you don't succeed, scare scare again...

I am watching 20/20 and their "Worst disasters that could happen to the world" or some such nonsense. It has been quite interesting at points, and others quite absurd. For example the claim that we should not blow up an asteroid that would eliminate life on earth because it would create many more smaller asteroids that would cause massive damage. That's all fine and good, let's just all die rather than let a few buildings be destroyed. Especially if you blew up an asteroid into many smaller peices much of it would burn up in the atmosphere. But that wasn't what spurred me to write.

Al Gore is blathering on about global warming. Of course ABC does it's dues to show the reasons why global warming isn't true...Oh wait it's over and they never even mentioned it. In fact they insisted that there is no discussion about whether global warming exists. They compare scientists and people who refute the "reality of golbal warming" to holocaust denyers. These people have resorted to name calling and threats to make people silent. It is a sad day indeed.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Out of the blue

Some of you may have wondered where I have been. I made a whole bunch of life changes in a short amount of time thus I have been out of the loop but I have been politcally active leaving me little time to get to my blog or other things.

I have however been selected to blog for MPR which I am sure I won't be allowed to repost my rantings from there to here but I will link them every time I make a new post there in addition to my own posts here which will become more frequent.

However I am violently in the throws of trying to get Sue Jeffers to win the primary election on September 12th and have constructed a letter to all my friends to forward on and if you live in Minnesota, please pass it to your friends and if you dont reside in our great state pass it along to someone you may know here, thank you.

Without further ado, my letter:

I write to you today to consider for your September 12th Primary election candidate to be Sue Jeffers. Sue is running against governor Pawlenty for the Republican Party ticket spot for the November election. On September 12th the primary election will be held to decide between Sue Jeffers and current Governor Tim Pawlenty. If you don't know about Sue, she is a business owner in Minneapolis who first made the political spotlight in her opposition to the smoking ban in Minneapolis. She was the leader of a coalition of business owners who felt that their ability to run their own business was under assault. She has since realized that this is not just a Republican or Democrat issue as Republicans aren't the lesser of two evils; instead a Republican is the worst of two evils - big government with no opposition. She has a full list of issue's on her website, please check it out and vote for her. Primary elections tend to be low in voters and she needs all the help she can get, and so does the great state of Minnesota! With a turnout of less than 100,000 people expected, we can propel Sue to the front of the ticket and show the Big Spending, Big Government, Liars in the Republican party that we are fed up with the same "Good ole boy" politics!

Please pass this on if you have had pawlenty of "fee's", pawlenty of taxes, pawlenty of the lies, and pawlenty of Pawlenty
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