Sunday, October 30, 2005


...Kinda, sorta.

After a number of errors starting with a defective hard drive out of the box, then a installation on windows error, then a hard drive jumper error, then a lost driver disk with no way to connect to my network then to bad driver installs, I am back. Now to get some real posting done

Monday, October 24, 2005

Problems abound

I may or may not post a whole bunch for you see I fried a hard drive last night. Of course I cannot find my xp cd either and downloading it on a laptop is a very hard thing to do indeed. I may work blog but dont expect any revelations.

A fund has been set up to replace my now defunct 150 gig hard drive, all donations will be accepted. I need to get back up to my half a terrabyte of hard drive space again.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Suck it packer scum!

Oh yes, Purple Pride baby. Brett favre (fah vah rey) is an old pill popping hack. Drop him and hope that your worthless team MIGHT win another game sometime after the turn of the century.

Friday, October 21, 2005

South Park

Is there any greater TV show? Every episode is political in nature and conforms to the turth quite well. The recent episode on global warming was quite well done indeed.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Why oh Why?

Alright, so I got my hands on this flier being passed out in the Orono school district and I simply cannot understand how these people think they are trying to pass logical statements....Let me read some things to you:

Lower spending and lower revenue per student. Better test scores. How long do you think this can last?

Well it has been working since Orono schools were started, amazingly it continues to work that way. In their own chart it shows that Minneapolis spends $2,000 more PER STUDENT and achieves the LOWEST test scores in the state. Alright, so we have already established that less money equals better test results. Their own charts show this. So why are they begging for money?

Our children will NOT have the technology skills preparing them for the future.

Oh, poor Jimmy will have to use a P3 instead of a P4.....

Our schools risk CLOSINGS due to boiler failures.

This because you cannot get an extra $250 per household in the district? Listen, if y you cannot budget normal maintenance costs, you shouldn't be in charge of our children's education. Plain and simple.

A potential DROP in property values.

You know what will cause a drop in property values? High taxes. Not a potential drop, but a guaranteed drop in property values.

I have a solution for every damn school district in the nation. First, cut the bullshit. You do not need "counselors" in every classroom. If there is a school shooting or something, you can hire one temporarily, but it is not an every day need. These people are dead weight, cut them. Class sizes do not make results. If class sizes translated to the ability to learn then college is totally worthless with their 100+ class sizes. Give teachers larger class sizes and the ability to discipline the students who misbehave. Expel the ones who cause constant problems. Then, link the teachers salary to the standardized tests. If your class scores 0, you get 0% of your salary. Now for all you total moronic out there who preach "Well then they are just teaching for the tests" WELL NO SHIT! If they have to learn basic addition and subtraction for the tests, you are telling me that is a bad thing? There is a reason we have tests. It is to gauge the knowledge of the children and track their development. They still need to learn because the teachers don't know the test answers before hand so they cant just teach 1+1=2, they need to teach everything.

Lastly, cut administration. Most districts can do with half their current staff easily. At the last public school I went to, there were 5 office workers. They could have gotten by with 2, possibly 1. How much more proof do you need? Foreign countries do it with 1/4 what we spend, other schools in the nation do it with less, now even the schools in the same general geographic area are doing it with less. Cut the crap.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Is there anything worse than spin?

A friend of mine informed me that they were watching a movie called "The Corporation". There is a link, but I don't really feel like giving them to hit from my site. Anyways...I had seen the preview but didn't really care watch it months ago but I thought to myself "Hey, there must be a website I can look at". Of course there is. This film prominently portrays people like Noam Chomsky (a man who has never worked outside of a school) as experts on corporations. I have several grips with this movie, but for the sake of time, I will list just a few things that really irk me.

Akre-Wilson vs FOX News. This is a pretty simple story. The two journalists were doing a story on BGH, a hormone given to cows to increase their milk making ability but also led to infections in the utters. So they used an antibiotic with the hormone to prevent the cows from contracting this infection. The antibiotic was then passed to humans who drank the milk and it lowered our tolerance against that particular infection. That was how the story was written. FOX editors said that they would not let the story run like that. They had to rewrite it to remove that last sentence. The two said no and were promptly dismissed. They filed suit against FOX alleging that they were trying to "whistle-blow" and a jury found in favor of them.

So far so good right? Well the film alleges that the suit was dismissed by a "technicality". What is it you ask? Well rather than tell people why the suit was dismissed, they gloss over it. The suit was dismissed because BY LAW, to file a suit by "whistle-blowing" the activity has to be illegal. There is an amendment protecting the press to say what they want, even if they know it to be untrue. If this were the case you wouldn't have magazines that say "Aliens landed on the White House lawn" or "Bigfoot found in Disco". The court then found that the duo knew that this was the case and ordered them to repay FOX their 1.8 million in court costs. Who would have thought filing a frivolous lawsuit against a corporation because you got fired for not doing your job would get you deeper in the hole?

They then compare a corporation to a human being calling it "Pyschotic". Yes because we know there is one person who is the corporation. There is a man called "Best Buy" who rules the corporation. He has a "pyschotic" personality. Trying to use pyschology on a corporation is like trying to get to mars by riding a bicycle.

These people need to seriously look at their anti-capitalism, anti-wealth views. If they don't like corporations, that's fine, but to produce a movie to bash them in such a manner is retarded.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Interview with Rush Limbaugh

A good well rounded interview posted by the Political teen. A very worthy spend of 20 minutes.

See it here

Why the Venusians died

Well we all know that the colony of humans on Venus died out long ago. We feel for our brothers because they did not know the error of their ways. Of course I am kidding, there is no evidence of life on Venus, unless you ask the EU. Unreal? I'll let you decide:

Venus Express, equipped with seven instruments, is intended to map the Venusian surface and weather system, looking at temperature variation, cloud formations, wind speeds and gas composition.

Its main goal is to help understand why Venus fell prey to runaway global warming.

Oh yes. Global Warming. Because we have been running SUV's and coal plants there that have caused uncontrollable global warming causing Venus to super heat. Hint for you EU tards, consider it is CLOSER TO THE SUN, sulphuric acid clouds, 96% carbon dioxide atmosphere unlike ours which is made up mostly of nitrogen.

Damn Europeans.


Monday, October 17, 2005

Ive hit the big time!

So, as I always nose around you (my visitors) referring links, I always check 90% of them out to figure out who is promoting me and who is visiting my blog to hear me rant and rave. Today of course, I came across a particularly interesting one.

So, always curious who is coming to me, I click the link and it brings me to a web access login for a mail server. No problem I think, I can just go to And I did and I found this:

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research (GQR) has over two decades of experience in helping Democrats win races at every level, from County Sheriff to the President of the United States. In these battles, we have pioneered the use of strategic polls, focus groups, dial-response meters, advanced targeting and tracking surveys, and now web and Internet surveys. We help candidates campaign, win, govern effectively - and then win again.

Wow. The democrats strategy team is emailing each other about me! This of course is sloppy work as I have been getting a pick up of no reference links which can only mean A) Word of mouth is spreading (stop laughing you in the back, and the front.....) or B) they are people intentionally trying to cover their tracks rather than leave a link trail back to me.

Either way I see the dems are worried about little ole me and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to know that a political strategy group is keeping tabs on me.

Hi guys, you will lose next year just like you lost last year....I didnt see that on your website. Ooops!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

What Miller didnt know

I, as well as anyone else with a brain, are curious about how Judith Miller cannot remember who told her "Valerie Flame". Now if you were getting info on a "covert CIA operative" I think you would remember who told you unless they concealed their identity. The question now is, who is she protecting? She is not a friend of the White House, she is a true NYT loyalist. If it was an administration official that gave this up she would have turned them over without hesitation. If she hasnt turned them over then it is someone who protects her interests.


Saturday, October 15, 2005


For Godot....No, the movie that just came out. One of the funnier movies I have seen this year. Mostly because I sympathize with the main characters so much because I have been a waiter at a restaurant. Numerous drug references, many many many (alright it was about every 30-35 seconds) sex references, and everything you would expect from a movie about a restaurant. The plot is thin, the scenes move well between each other and the dialog is fairly good. Jokes played out well however some of the best ones were in the trailers for the movie.

There are som great moments that only someone who has waited tables before can understand, but most of it is universally true. A must see if you have ever been or are a waiter, a very worthy spend of $15 if you havent been.


Is it breaking Godwin's Law when invoking the Nazi Party and reffering to them as the Nazi Party? Oh well, anyways "race riots" spurred when the National Socialist Movement calling themselves "America’s Nazi Party" were going to have a march through Toledo.

Now I have no love for Nazi's. I wish I could hang all those sick bastards, but for anyone to riot over allowing them to say their piece is a moron. Yes what they are saying is terrible, yes what they stand for is despickable, yes they are the slime of humanity...But if you and I deny them their right to speak, then we might as well shut down the blogosphere because somewhere, someone is offended by what we are writing. If all it takes is a criminal action to shut down free speach, we would find ourselves in a dictatorship where only those who could bully and intimidate the best would be our leaders.

To all you people who "riot" when the KKK comes to town, shame on you. To all of you who shout down the Nazi's, shame on you. These people have every right to say what they want to say and even though I don't agree with it, I will fight to the death to protect it.


One other funny thing noted is that the Nazi's were protesting because of the lack of police and politicians actions against gang violence. According to the aforementioned article, the rioters were made up mostly of male gang members in their 20's looting stores and throwing rocks at property and people.

How much is YOUR blog worth?

My blog is worth $71,696.58.
How much is your blog worth?


More PROOF of Global Warming

Yes my friends, the doom and gloomists were right, this chart here shows and absolute warming trend in the Arctic and the world is coming to and end!

Oh wait, the warming trend happened in 1938, it has beem cooling since.


Friday, October 14, 2005

This year in history

I would like to impose, if I may, a brief timeline alteration. A momentary pop to show the timeline of World War 2 if we had the current politicians in office during that time.

1933: Hitler rises to power. Democrats complain about how Germany is in poverty and prepares aid packages to take care of the German people while ignoring the mass poverty at home. Bush proposes tax cuts to stimulate the economy, Democrats call the plan "foolish" insisting that only massive tax hikes and an expansion of the income tax into all brackets would regenerate the US economy.

1934: The 1st Neutrality act passed narrowly by congress. Voting 51-49 Senator McCain swings the vote to stay neutral and not get involved. This single cowardly act cost the lives of millions of American men. Mussolini maintains power through murder of his political enemies, violence at the polls and threats of retaliation against anyone who voted against him. The democrats call the Italians elections "An amazing success".

1937: Nanking Falls to the Japenese, over 200,000 killed. After many months of bickering over trade and trade issues they finally decide to stop selling to the Japenese. Marines are sent to China as a peace keeping force but are recalled by the Democrats because of the neutrality act.

1938: America less willing to forgive Japan, seeks the end of appeasement like in Europe. Ted Kennedy calls for a full appeastment offer in the form of supplies and weapons to Japan to discourage them from attacking China. Hitler occupies Austria claiming the "Anschluss", democrats praise Hitler for reunifying the 2 countries and grant recognition of the new state and government. "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast causes massive widespread panic as people think that the world is being invaded. The FCC calls for immeadiate restrictions on all radio broadcasts and an interuption every 5 minutes to let everyone know it is a fictional story.

1939: Liberal rag Time names Hitler "Man of the Year", The counquest of Europe continues with even more enthusiastic support from the left. The soviets and the nazis sign a pact together. Poland falls.

1940: France falls. Bush calls upon the congress to increase spending on military supplies and readiness. Democrats and rivals call upon Bush to repeal his tax cuts if he wants to spend on military readiness. They filibuster the military spending bill, docks and factories sit in idle. Japan formally joins the Axis

1941: Japan seizes the moment. They launch a full out attack on Pearl Harbor. When they get there they find a mothballed wreck of a fleet. Still the pursue destroying everything. The forces fight back but run out of ammunition very quickly. thousands die, many more injured. It is the darkest day in modern history. Bush takes to congress a declaration of War against Japan. Quickly it is ratified. Bush also proposes a massive military spending bill to build up against this common enemy. Only half is approved.

1942: Amercia is using antiquated technology to fight in the pacific. They are losing badly. Although new ships are in construction, they are taking a long time to build and test as the funds were lacking previously. New designs have been few and the technologic advances minimal. In the mean time millions of American men have been drafted and are preparing for war. Democrats launch a "Pearl Harbor Panel" to "assign responsibility to those who failed to know about the impending attack".

1943: Submarine wars begin. America is still behind in production because of the lack of funding for the war effort. Submarines being to play the larger role in water, however while equal in numbers, we are unequal in strength. There are massive losses to our troops but we hold our own enough to continue supplies and troops to Europe. The Japenese entrench themselves in the Pacific and continue to ravage China.

1944: Europe effort increased. Preparing for an attack of massive size and strength a build up of troops begin in England. Bush consults with the senate leaders about plan "Overlord". Democratic leaders then blast the president for throwing the troops lives away in this fools errand. After giving intimate details about the plan, the Germans double their defenses along the coast. All hope of a secret invasion is lost. Focus then turns to Africa, but by this time Hitler has already moved troops and lines to progress into Russia. Devestation in Russia befalls the Nazi's but it is a minor loss because most troops are on the western front.

1945: Major Allied victories in Africa are hindered by massive losses from the bombing of London and the fall of Midway and Hawaii to the Japenese. Democrats insist that we are in a quagmire and we must withdraw our troops. Democratic faithfull hold anti-war protests weekly.

1946: Germans divert troops in a stunning tactic and land them in Ireland. All troops are needed to fend off the German invasion and the Africa missions come to a standstill. In the Pacific Japan has turned to the South Pacific. Landing troops on New Zealand and Austraila, they are quickly defeated. They then turn their eye to South America as a staging ground to get at the US. Democrats continue to insist that appeasment is the only way to win. Bush proposes another spending bill for military support, only 1/4 of it is approved.

1947: England is now occupied by German forces in 90% of all the cities. The only ones holding out are port towns and are being evacuated to America, Canada and other British colonies. Japan meanwhile has taken over India and is moving to take Russia from the east. Meanwhile they have landed in Mexico, taking over in a hurry. Bush proposes a huge border patrol spending bill to defend America. The democrats call it "racist" and "anti-immigration", it is filibustered and defeated.

1948: Germany makes headway into Russia. Footage of Hitler walking through the Russian capital is spread world wide. Hitler sends messages to the US to surrender or else they will face the wrath of Hitlers newest weapon of destruction. Japan tries several attempts to cross the border into America but is soundly turned back by armed Americans.

1949: 3 Nuclear bombs are dropped on American cities. One is New York, one is Philidelphia, one is Washington D.C. Massive casualties, America Surrenders. The country is divided in half between Japan and Germany. If you are west of the Mississippi you are Japenese, east you are German. Learn your new language please.

All of this is taken from real world events. The sayings may not be exactly from democrats, but it is darn close. All comparisons taking from the war on terror. Not exactly the same I know, but if they go this easy on terrorists, how easy will they go on a country?

I decided to skip the prisoner abuse section because I couldn't find a good place to fit it in. That's all

Thursday, October 13, 2005

On the Vikings

Everyones heard about the Minnesota Vikings and the "sex party" that happened on Al and Alma's boats. So I must ask....

Since this was all oral sex, according to our former president there was no sex going on, so what is the big deal?

Why? Really just why?

Mardi Gras is going to happen this year. Has anyone considered the fact that the city is going to smell like a sewer seeing as they hold their party?

Just ewwww.

NEW ORLEANS - Come hell or high water, Mardi Gras organizers are vowing to hold the city's signature celebration in February.

Tourism officials and parade hosts appeared before the City Council to insist the annual pre-Lent celebration - part family party, part bacchanalian blowout - will return this winter.

"We have to do this," agreed Councilwoman Jacquelyn Brechtel Clarkson. "We can't afford to miss a beat."

Mardi Gras generates as much as $1 billion in economic activity, and the raucous celebration draws an estimated 1 million people each year.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Tonight I feel like I should touch on a subject somewhere in the middle of the of everyones mind right now. Where is my party!? Dem's are thinking it, Republicans are thinking it, independants want it, and libertarians don't give a shit. This will undoubtably offend everyone. I spared no one from this and dont really care if you agree or not.

Let's start with the side I voted for. We have the leader, W. I voted for him once as I wasnt old enough the first time. He is failing to lead this country. Rather than do what is needed in Iraq, he tip-toes around the issues allowing more men and women to be killed in the process. Don't worry democrats, you get a portion of this too. A budget out of control and no cuts to any services, only increases. Signed willingly by the leadership and the congress. Given over wheling control of the house and the senate, Bush has the ability to move conservative mandates and fails to do so very often. His court appointments are a mess, I still don't like Roberts and I am very opposed to him as Chief Justice, but I can only pray he will stay the course. Miers is a myriad of trouble. Untested, not a full fledged supporter and disliked by both sides, she was a total flop of an appointment. Moving right down the line we have the senate who started all the idiocy that the president signed. Moving even further down to the state level is the Governor of Minnesota, Mr. Tim Pawlenty. The man who pledged to reform Minnesota by passing "No New Taxes" and appeared at the last 3 Taxpayer rallies held on the capital steps on Tax Day pledging no new taxes, has actually raised taxes. He has done nothing to help Minnesota instead pushing a bloated budget along, allowing the raising of property taxes en masse, dropping key conservative legislation and denying the party some of the best hope for reform.

The Democrats are suffering from depression. The inability to put together anything that resembles a platform of issues, an electable candidate, or a plan for anything. They have become a party of "No" rather than the former party of ideas. At least Al Gore could come up with his "Iron Clad Lock-Box" rather than the "No" to any plan. Right now without reform for social security we are costing our children 1.7 trillion dollars. And you want to gripe about the cost of the war in Iraq? Democrats also need to clean house. There are several states where some people could be taken out and replaced by younger, better, more appealing candidates. Ted Kennedy for example could bow out and be replaced by a young virulent candidate who has none of the marks that Kennedy does. A younger face to the Democratic party is a start, maybe the youth will have some ideas as well, especially ideas on how to win back those young voters.

The Greens suffer almost the same problem as the Democrats except they propose solutions that cannot be accomplished. They allow Nader to keep running and unless you are 40+ you usually dont know who Ralph Nader is or what he has done. His stances are Marxist as any political knowledgable person could point out and this country overwhelming does not endorse the communism he supports.

Libertarians are mostly delusioned Republicans (like myself). However they put up no candidates in most elections and the ones they do put up never get any promotion at all. It is like the strive to remain a 3rd party. All that being said though they tend to have the opposite problem of the Greens in that they root for an almost Anarchy of the state rather than a sensible approach to anything which is why I cannot associate myself to them.

In conclusion we have a severe state of political incorrectness going on here and it bothers me to no end. I can't go not vote in the next elections, but I can't vote for any of these jokers. Maybe the time for me to run is coming...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Visit my newest addition

I added the site "Quotes, Thoughts, and other Ramblings" to my list on the right here. A quality site and indeed slanted to male interests (although safe for work except where noted). A good man to have added to my growing list of blog's I now follow

Why actors aren't paid to think

Daniel Craig has been chosen as the new James Bond. Of course James Bond, the most successful film series ever created, which relies on no one man to make it great, has NO sequels, and every new movie has some new plot, new nemisis, new everything, and what does this brilliant actor have to say about the series?

Craig has said he does not like the fact that the films are more about gadgets than feelings.

What? What liberal hippy crap is this? I do not go to a James Bond movie to have my "feelings" swayed or my "emotions" engaged. I go to a James Bond movie to see shit get blown up, the bad guy get killed in some highly improbable twisted plot scheme that you don't see coming with all the twists and turns and cool cars and yes even the gadgets. Stick to your day job Mr Bond, I hope you are better at it than this statement implies.

Oh, one last thing I forgot to mention in that list....The women. That is all

Monday, October 10, 2005

For my British mates...

I was watching the latest Foamy (See link of the mad squirrel to the right) cartoon when at the end he said the "Tony Blair Witch Project" which hardly seems original, and so it isn't as I found here. Anyone know where I can see this?

It looks kind of funny from the description


Uh, excuse me?

Alright....The US within the last few months was hit by 2 hurricanes, cauging tens of billions of dollars in damage. This was a wind based disaster destroying everything in its' path.

Pakistan gets hit by an Earthquake, a disaster that is land based and does relatively low damage to the land (except these mud brick huts) and the Middle East has the gaul to suggest that the "West isn't acting fast enough"? Excuse me? How fast did you assholes act when we were hit by a much worse disaster?

Western governments rushed to step up their pledges for the earthquake relief effort after their initial response to the disaster was condemned as slow-moving and financially inadequate.

The United States, which was under pressure to increase a pledge of $500,000 (£280,000) considered almost derisory by many Pakistanis when it was made over the weekend, announced it intended to give $50m in emergency aid.

The gesture, intended to make up for the resentment caused by an initial pledge which, along with the British offering of £100,000, was labelled as "peanuts" by Qazi Hussain, the leader of the Pakistani opposition party Jamat Islami, was greeted as a major boost to the struggling relief effort.

Britain, too,increased its initial pledge to £1m for the effort, which the Government stressed would again be increased in coming days.

When they step up and pledge some money to rebuild New Orleans, then I will gladly give them some money, until then they should shut up. The Middle East's response time to the Hurricanes that hit the southwest was woefully inadequate, they should be condemned.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Damn Viego

Apprently Mr. Jackington likes to be so cruel so I have been tagged.

Here are the rules of the game:

1. Go into your archive.
2. Find your 23rd post.
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
Step 5: Tag five other people to do the same. I have randomly chosen five blogs from my Blogroll. If you weren't chosen and you'd like to participate, feel free. If you were chosen and you don't wish to participate, just remember that a thirteen year old girl probably invented this game and she's following the path of tagged blogs. Eventually she'll make her way to you and she'll cry. No pressure. Here are the lucky winners:

Raving Conservative
Of course that is the end of my blogroll aside from Viego who I cant tag back....

Here is the questionnaire. Enjoy. I'll never reveal this much information again.

1. Legal First name? Kenneth
2. Were you named after anyone? Grandfather
3. Do you wish on stars? I didn't know they had that good of balance
4. When did you last cry? Yesterday
5. What is your favorite lunch meat? Deli
6. What is your birth date? March 5th
7. What's your most embarrassing CD? Whats a CD?
8. Would you be friends with you? Uh, what?
9. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Yes, no, yes....
10. What are your nicknames? Likey, but I dont know
11. Would you bungee jump? If given the opportunity
12. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Nope.
13. Do you think that you are strong? In the force
14. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Mint and chip.
15. Shoe Size? 15.
16. Red or pink? Blue.
17. What is your least favorite thing about yourself? Alone.
18. Who do you miss most? dev /null
19. What color pants and shoes are you wearing? Khakis and brown.
20. What are you listening to right now? Dragula
21. What did you eat for breakfast? Nothing
22. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Mixed.
23. What is the weather like right now? Cold
24. Last person you talked to on the phone? A guy from work.
25. The first things you notice about the opposite sex? Eyes and hair
26. Do you like the person who sent this to you? Not anymore
27. Favorite drink? 7&7
28. Hair color? Brown.
29. Do you wear contacts? Yes.
30. Favorite food? Protein shake with fresh fruit.
31. Last movie you watched? Lord of War.
32. Favorite day of the year? Saturday.
33. Scary movies or happy endings? How about no.
34. Summer or Winter? Winter.
35. Hugs or kisses? Kisses.
36. What is your favorite desert? Death Valley.
37. Living arrangements? You call this living?
38. What books are you reading? None.
39. What's on your mouse pad? A mouse.
40. What did you watch last night on TV? People still watch TV?
41. Favorite smells? Cooked Meat.
42. Favorite junk food? Uh, I don't really like Junk food.
43. Rolling Stones or Beatles? Beatles, only because I have them on my Ipod.
44. What's the farthest you've been from home? Melbourne.

That's it. Tag. You're it.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Alright, I had a really really bad night tonight. If this isn't your cup of tea to see a rant about everything and anything wrong in the world, just skip this now.

The day starts, STARTS mind you at about 5 this morning. I am directing a rated section for a chess tournament for the School Chess Assosciation. I get up, shower do my thing, get all my gear together for what I need to do and leave by 6. I have to go to Kinko's to pick up the forms I ordered from them last night for this tournament. I get there about 6:30 or so, they aren't finished. No big deal they only had to be cut which took a second. I pay and then move on to drive what google said was about 50 minutes (took me all of 20) to get to the spot. I was there by about quarter after 7. Realizing that I forgot to withdraw cash from an ATM at the bank I figured I had about an hour and proceeded to drive around to find an ATM. I found a mcdonalds along the way too so at least I got breakfast. I had to pay the 1.50 teller fee for using on a a holiday gas station. Yay. I get back and everything is getting set up so I start setting up my section and what not, finding where everything is. Now mind you this is all children, which I for the most part despise. The only satisfaction I get is that these are the USCF rated players who are very well behaved and well mannered. However I find out that I am sharing the room for the rated players with the chess camp invitationals players. These kids were not the most well behaved group I have worked with, in fact they qere quite loud, rude and obnoxious at times. I was a glorified babysitter for these other children. Whatever. First round I have 8 players enlisted, however I find out 2 more should be in my section but didnt sign up correctly. I try to find these players while I have already started my first set of pairings and find one of them only to find out he was held back a grade (and from his looks surprise surprise) and he wants to play in his normal section., Ok we transfer him in. The other kid I can't find but luckily I can give him a bye anyways.everything went semi-smoothly from there with some problems in between.

Alright, I go to the gym, work out, using my music to pump me to lift some weight, I was thinking over my situation that I am in now, leaving someone who was horrible for me, but truly cared for me for the nothing I have now. Hell I cant even get a date, what the hell am I doing? So I am pumping weight I shouldnt normally be able to do because I have some adreniline and I am pissed off. There is another part to that story, but I will leave it out because that person may read it here. I feel something pop. I dont know what it is, I don't feel any pain, but I can't even lift the most basic weights anymore. Great, my strength training Saturday is done. So I go over to a machine and start running, I am not going to leave after some basic crap like that.

I remembered afterwards that I really need new shoes and thought what better place to go than the mall to find new shoes. Yeah, I am sure everyone else knew that it was homecoming weekend around the mall, but I didn't. So now I feel even shittier watching all these gorgeous girls running around in beautiful dresses, with their men accompanying them, having all sorts of affectionate displays around the mall. I really miss that (not that I ever did that shit in public, but just the closeness of a womans touch). Great, life sucks and here I am at the epicenter of my problem. Just great.

On to the shoes. Now you would think that being a guy and all I could easily find something for my feet. Of course it wouldnt be that easy. Since when did footlocker become a Nike shoe stor? All those bastards have is Nike. I really don't like Nike because they are overpriced for the cheap quality that they are. Aside from that, they had many different "designs" but all looked like cheap glued on plastic and came in all white, or all black. Personally I don't like black, it doesn't work with anything I wear and I hate white because they are always directly. Give me a brown or silver or blue shoe any day of the week. Not a god damn one anywhere in that store EXCEPT in the womens section. WTF!?

Ok, so I look at every damn shoe specialty store in the mall. Not a one has anything decent. Fine, as I am leaving I think maybe one of the anchor stores has something. Mervyns? Nope, every god damn one of them got shut down up here. Marshall Fields (aka Macy's), no mens casual shoes. JCPenny. YES! They had 4 designs of shoes I liked, even a brand I liked (Sketchers)...."You you have a size 15 of these I could try on?" "No, we only carry to size 12 in the store." "..." "We could special order these for you" "Alright, get me a pair" "Oh sorry, we can't order these or these or these or these anymore" "..." FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KILL ME NOW.

I walk back to my car, I am pissed, I am upset, I am tired, I am frustraited, I am ready to kill someone. Get in my car start driving like a madman to get home. On my way I know there is a TGI Friday's. Every time I have been there the bartenders are way nice, they talk to you, I can vent to them and not have to blog about this tonight. He was friendly with everyone but me. Not to say he was a bad server but he didn't open up to me like his other customers. A salad and 2 drinks later I am on my way home.

Fuck the world.

Fuck the establishment.

Fuck this. Really.

I give, I am the left eyebrow of Reagen

You are a

Social Conservative
(31% permissive)

and an...

Economic Conservative
(93% permissive)

You are best described as a:

Strong Republican

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Friday, October 07, 2005

Does this surprise anyone?

Boy George Arrested for Drug possession

Singer Boy George was arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs and making a fake police report after he called 911 early Friday and falsely said his home had been burglarized, police said.

I don't even know that we needed a news story for this. Anyone who looks like he does is on drugs. 5 years for him!

At the Gym

Listening to my Ipod, I look up at the TV's. All of them have closed captioning on and one has Dr. Phil on. Now I took a half day at work so I am there when it isn't busy, and I can be fairly alone. The debate they had was if condoms should be handed out in school when I saw the best response. The liberal was preaching about how kids need to be educated and we need to give them condoms to prevent STD's and pregnancies and all this bs because "They are going to do it anyways" so Dr. Phil chimed in and said "Well, we teach our kids not to drink before they are of age but they do it anyways, so should we say Dont drink, but if you are going to here is a 6-pack?"

I almost fell off my machine

Thursday, October 06, 2005

As promised...

...A total list of where I stand on most issues. We will call this part 1 because obviously I am going to miss some things. We will start with the fiscal issues.


On some level people need to realize that taxes have become nothing more than a redistribution of wealth. Yes some taxes are needed for the defense of the nation, roads and alike, but there is no where that the government is given power to give farmers MY MONEY to raise crops and burn them.

Campaign Finance Reform:

You are telling someone how they can and cannot speak out. If I want to give a million dollars to help an official get elected there is no reason I should be limited in my giving to them. I could just ask them to appear at several functions instead and spend my money that way, this just eliminates the need of me to plan such an event. How the hell can you take my voice and squelch it so?


Drop them. If you cant compete with outside sources of goods, then maybe we shouldnt be in those businesses. Steel tariffs harm our economy by raising the price of steel. Great, we suck at making steel, why dont we take those workers and turn them into manufacturers of a steel product and resell it to that country at a higher price? Just because your lazy ass cant compete in a national market does not mean that you should get special treatment and cost everyone more money.

Free Trade:

Univeral free trade helps everyone involved. Lay off the crap and let the market work itself.


At one point in history they helped progress workers rights. Today they are a political wing forcing people in industry to pay them and then turning that money into campaign contributions for people they may or may not want to support. They also remove the ability of that industry to compete with other manufacturers. Steel is a prime example, also see union airlines, union car makers. All losing market share, all losing money, all going bankrupt.

These are the big ones, I may add to the list later but for now I am happy with that. Now on to the social issues:


Are bad step up the war, see previous entry.


You know, I don't so much mind that they happen. It is tragic, it sucks but I am not going to step on someone else's right. If you can cut yourself for pleasure, I don't know why this is any different. However I do support an abortion ban (minus extenuating circumstances). More practically I support removing cost coverage for them. The women who want an abortion should be forced to pay the whole cost of an abortion (about $5k) up front with no subsidies from Insurance companies nor any governmental body. This is not "birth control" it is killing a living being.

Gay Marriage:

Marriage is a religious ceremony and for gays to force their religion on the rest of us is very much a "seperation of church and state" issue. (It's in quotes because no such thing exists) If you get to force my religion to recognize your "marriage" then I get to force my religion on you. You can have civil unions but to call them a marriage first goes against the meaning of marriage, and against human nature.


Motion Activated Turrets every 25 feet or so. A nice deep river behind that along with a wall along that rive making it a 15 foot climb straight up with no ledge. Oh and the wall will slant at the top.

Freedom of Speach:

Applies to everyone. If you say something stupid, I have every right to call you a moron. You are not the exclusive holder to freedom of speach. If I decide to not buy the Dickie.....erm Dixie Chicks next album because they said something stupid, that is not denying them their freedom of speach. It is denying them the money to have a platform for that kind of stupid statement. Discourse is required and just because someone disagrees with you does not make them Nazis, Facists, Communists, idiots, morons, stupid, unenlightened, retards, or foolish. However if they say "Bush is the worst president ever" and when asked why they spout of some sort of idiocy like "Haliburton", "Blood for Oil", or a bushism, you then have every right to tell them why they are any of the above.

Freedom to bear Arms:

Everyone has the right to a gun. This does not mean a right to a pistol only, it means I have the right to have a cannon in my backyard. Unless you can prove that I am going to do something sinister with it, shut up. Also, don't spout off that "Well then why does it say militias" bullshit. If they meant militias they would not have said "The right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Please tell me what english class you failed out of that you cannot spot a noun so I can shut that school down....speaking of

Public Schools:

Suck, shut em down. We spend almost 50 cents of every tax dollar on education. Of the nations beating us in scores most spend about half what we do on their schools, many spend between 15-25% of what we do. The teachers union is part of the problem, see unions above. They have eliminated the ability to swiftly deal with teachers who are problematic simply because they have tenure. Second is the teachers dont care. Oops, Bobby is failing, I think I will send a note home with him. Yeah, how many teacher notes did you ever deliver to your parents after the first one? Schools need to be taken off of the public fund and moved entirely to private schools. Now this raises literacy conerns which is where school vouchers come into play. As we all realize that education is important (and while I would prefer that everyone pay their own way) this is how the system starts. You have children, you want to have them schooled, you pay about $500-$1000 a year for a decent private school and bingo, your kid is getting a better education, your taxes are dropped in proportion and we lose this total waste of taxpayer dollars called the public education system.

The Enviornment:

All right hippies, listen up and listen up good. Take a look at all your scientific "evidence" and weed it for problems. The Earth is not getting warmer. Look at the places they take average temps vs where they took them 30 years ago. Same spot, but most are now industrialized. Pavement and buildings with furnaces and cars with engines produce heat. Some trap heat. Now this once farmland is warmer, but is the earth any warmer? Well in the area's where there hasn't been industrialization the temps have actually declined. Also in populated areas tested before like New York have also gone down. So you take this small fraction and claim a global epidemic when all you are doing is lying to people to push an anti-capitalist agenda. Grow up, but the doobie down and get a job asshole.

I will add to this list later, but this basically pulls every point out that I needed to make. Good day.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The War on Drugs

Alrighty, today is the day I define how the world should deal with the "War on Drugs". This came about this afternoon when the "conservative" pot head at work started to get on me for not being conservative enough on social issues. Truth be told, I am much more of a libertarian, however I prefer fiscal matters to social issues so I vote republican. I don't really care to point this out to him as I have quite a few social issues that I stand against the libertarian brethren on. The war on Drugs was the first issue I came up with.

Now, the "War on Drugs" is a joke. It was a joke in the 80's, even worse with the pot head we had in the oval office in the 90's and continues to flounder today. The problem is we are going after the end users. We aren't trying to cut this problem off at the head, instead we cut off the tips of it's nails which grow back just as fast. My approach has 3 parts. Part one is a universal declaration of banning with very very high mandatory minimums. For example, you get caught with any amount of illegal drugs, you are going to jail for 5 years. Period. I don't care if it was 1 gram or 1 kilo, you will spend at lest 5 years in jail. People who can be deemed distributors will get 25 years along with all property and assets seized. Transporters and runners who bring drugs across state borders will be imprisoned for life. I would say execute them, but I don't think that I could get that to fly in any court.

Now phase 2 is more complex. We create a mass amount of Narc's. For people who have a possession, the reward would be something small, say $1,000. Your local drug dealers get you a reward of $25,000, a state/regional distributor is $50,000, and a drug kingpin nets you a cool mil. Of course people chimed in at this point, "Well you are going to spend a lot of money on witness protection." Bullshit. I am not going to call these people into trial, no one would risk any amount of money for that. They leave a tip, we investigate and if we come up with something, you get your money when they are in jail. Of course to keep this money clean, it is exempt from all IRS taxing. This would accomplish 2 things. First, your slums in ghettos everywhere would become instant money mines. Suddenly, that single mother who is raising 3 kids by herself can cash in every night by looking out her window and calling the cops when she sees the crack king walk her street selling drugs.

Part 3. Any country found to have a drug trade that routes to the US in any way, shape or form instantly loses any support from the US. Their nation status is immediately denied, we no longer recognize them as a nation, they no longer receive any aid, we hold up all beneficial UN support for that nation (as we are a veto nation). You think Columbia would reform itself and go back to coffee if all the sudden the arms to fight their rebels got cut off? Damn right it would.

As a taste for tomorrow I will provide you all with a full synopsis of every important thing to me and where I stand on that issue. It will be an eye opener for some, but it will clear a lot of things up here so I can stop explaining myself all the time.


I just had to chuckle a little when I read this:

Alligators have clashed with nonnative pythons before in Everglades National Park. But when a 6-foot gator tangled with a 13-foot python recently, the result wasn't pretty.

The snake apparently tried to swallow the gator whole _ and then exploded. Scientists stumbled upon the gory remains last week.

Damn pythons learned a valuable lesson today. Dont mess with Florida Gators....


Repeating myself

Okay okay....I know this is really really silly but I have forsaken my generation. The lack of critical thinking, the absurdity of choices made, the lack of morals and even common decency is just appauling. People who fight their employers policies on things like no nose rings, no clothes with rips/holes/dress code and alike.

It amazes me that people my age cannot simply seem to grasp thes basic principles of business. Hot topic is a great store until you turn 15 or so. After that, buying clothes there is almost completely retarded. I say almost because I dont really care what people wear in their free time, however most of the stuff there is utter crap.

Moving on up to the crack heads who still think it is cool to do drugs until they can't see straight then wonder why you call them idiots. Same goes to you college alcoholics. A beer bong is not why you are at college. Aside from the fact that a Manhatten is a much better drink than beer, if you are going to guzzle down massive amounts of alcohol, there is NO REASON IN THIS WORLD that you should complain to me about your hangover. You were irresponsible and don't have any sick time to use. Oops, maybe you should have actually come to work instead of faking being sick so you could watch cartoons. I have no sympathy for you.

Lastly, let me berate you tards who cannot tell me when the war of 1812 happened. Let me not forget the idiots who signed the petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide. How about you tards that cant figure out that 2+2=4, not 22... The fact that you all could not pay attention to the most basic aspects of schooling makes me wonder how you live without someone wispering in your ear to breath.

This may seem like I am picking on stupid people, I am. These are the people that do not need to exist. They take up resources, vote on who is prettier, and screw up the world for people who might actually succeed. These people need to be given their own state. Ok, maybe not a state, we can start with the whole state of california. We will take the nice part (northern half), anyone who is smart can move out, no traffic jams coming from there. We fence it off, patrol it harder than the mexican border and import there all the people who cannot day to day life without interfering with others.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


There is a lot of commotion being made over the appointment of Ms. Miers to the Supreme Court yet I find myself torn. Here we go with another untested, likely liberal Justice. The one thing holding me back from lambasting Bush on this totaly lame pick is that she isn't a Judge.

That's right, the only thing that I approve of her for, and highly so, is that she is not a Judge already. She has no record, but she also hasn't been pushed through the system and become liberal through peer pressure.

It's good and it's bad. However I haven't decided where I stand, although if I was a senator right now I would vote no. It may become evident down the road where I should stand, but today I am mildly opposed.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Change, and why some people refuse it

Over on Random Numbers, where I contribute regularly, I posted about so-called "Fossil Fuels." A very well thought out, well explained theory as to how oil is formed as opposed to the conventional thought that it takes millions of years, it is a continually renewing resouce. Posted in response to his multiple posts about oil, I thought I would put up this and let people make up their own minds. Rather than accept it as a probable theory, something that (much like the current theory on fossil fuel production) could very well happen.

Of course I shouldn't have expected a true discourse of ideas but instead a slew of profanity and personal attacks that I will not allow on this blog. I may use the occasional profanity, to which I try to avoid, but the sheer amount of them used in several emails back and forth prevents any person with decency from repeating them (one wonders how the original user used them at all).

Now that you know the background, one to the topic at hand. Change, especially of this type where you realize everything you thought you think you know is wrong, are especially hard for people to take. I have had a few of these in my lifetime, most of which moved me from the left to the right. Change is something many people wont accept, history has displayed this several times. People died for believing that the Earth was not the center of the Universe, that Hitler was not God willed to rule the world, that the moon was made of cheese....Well maybe not the last one. But the point is that even with a scientific concensus, science is not always the truth. A true scientist is always ready to say "EUREKA, I had it wrong!"

It appears that many don't adhear to this belief, and it is sad that these people call themselves scientists.
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