Thursday, September 29, 2005

If there is....

A better place to get your hair cut than an Aveda school I don't want to know.

Today I was greeted by an empty lobby at about 1 PM, paid my $12 for my haircut and proceeded to sit in the lobby. One of the massage students asked me if I wanted a complimentary chair massage while I waited. Of course this wonderful free massage had to end early because my stylist was ready and I walked up to sit in the chair. She was very concerned about gettting hair in my collar and getting my collar wet she went to extra steps to protect my nice dress shirt from everything. A wonderful wash of my hair and it was on to the cut. Now aveda does not use clippers. They cut every single strand with a scissors, a truly remarkable experience. But she was so lite with her touch that I could have fallen asleep and not been woke by the hair cut. After the cut was over she made sure to brush all the hair out of my neck and walked me down to the lobby and gave me her card.

Aveda is just a sweet place to go.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The word of the day is....


The fear of computers. Which seems to be what I deal with every day. Idiots who do not know how to use a computer and insist that I help them with every signle step.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Who are you?

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Saturday, September 17, 2005


For whatever reason, over the last 2 weeks or so, I divulged from politics in an interesting journey of self exploration. Trying to find things to do that did not involve a politician, a computer and actually got me out of the house. Of course a failure on the scale of Donald Trumps bank accounts.

One thing though that never seems to surprise me is the nature in which politics wheels around most things. For example, one of my endeavors happened to be meeting people at bars. The bars I went to were no where near capacity, no one could smoke so no one wanted to go there. The bars I was at also had last call around 12:45 because they didn't have the license to be serving alcohol until 2. Most probably would have applied for it by now if they had the business to support it.

This brings me to a new point. Realistically I don't ever believe this will happen, but it would make the most sense. Smoking should either be allowed or banned. There is no reason to slowly cook out every place that smokers would normally go, raise the taxes to unpurchasable prices or to sue the tobacco companies into bankruptcy. It simply makes no sense. Laws proposed to fine parents who smoke with their children in the car, laws to prohibit businesses from catering to their clients, prohibiting employers from having a room designated for smoking, preventing tobacco shops from allowing their customers to sample different things in the store, suing the companies making the products in the name of the people (note, I still haven't seen my check for this...), and on and on and on. We did this with other drugs. Cocaine is illegal 100% in any place anywhere. No need to quote the failing war on drugs but this is a much more successful program and getting people to not use the product than all these other little crap shoot laws they are passing.

As a service to my readers, I must disclose that I am a non-smoker. But just because I am does not give me ANY right, nor does it give any other non-smoker any right to tell a smoker what they can or cannot do. If you think that you have any right to impose your actions on others it makes you an ass. I simply cannot begin to explain how so many people think that it is a great thing that we impose laws unto people who don't need/want them. I am fine with abortion being legal, but in the process all the sudden we get laws not in the constitution, not passed by any legislative body, and all the sudden propped up by the government subsidized as a medical procedure. If you want abortion, first give the power to govern back to the states and let them decide. The people will chose the right thing. After that, remove abortion from the list of required medical treatments for people who can't pay. Remove the federal/local funding of MY tax dollars for the practice. Abortion clinics that offer "free" or near-free abortions should show people the actual cost of a procedure like this. All the sudden people have to pay the $2500 up front for an abortion instead of paying $20-$100 they might reconsider.

I don't think people should have abortions, I think it is killing, but I am not going to ban guns because it will lower the crime rate. Most certainly I will not ban abortions to lower the abortion rate.


Friday, September 09, 2005

Today, Tomorrow and Forever


The first step into a corporate structure to move myself up the ladder. An application to be a regional trainer and set the structure for new team members. A position to strike deeper into the corporate structure and set myself up for a push straight on up. Likelyhood of CEO is not high, but I am close enough.


An encounter (ahem, mind out of the gutter please) with someone of the opposite gender which will be confusing and difficult. If nothing I will learn something and possibly advance my working knowledge of them. If more then I shall be quite pleased indeed. Look to the positive first, the neutral second and never the negative.


A working goal into the government. A polticians life for me. If I wish to keep this hope alive I must enter the realm soon. I have 12 years before I can run for President, which is 14 years to an election. This means I have 12 years to get elected governor as senators do not get elected president historically. However I will tie Teddy Roosevelt for being the youngest president, and I will beat Kennedy by 1 year. Keeping my eye on the prize, never forgetting, never wandering, always looking forward. If I move forward in life without the ability to be President, then the only other acceptable option is a Senator (or a Supreme Court Justice but that will not happen). Moving forward, to the goal.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Should I be surprised?

My pleas fall on deaf ears, from the governors office:

Thank you for contacting the Office of Governor Tim Pawlenty with your comments and concerns.
Because of the volume of correspondence we receive, we are not able to respond to all emails personally. We value your input and will take into consideration your thoughts or concerns on this particular issue.

If you need immediate attention, please call the Governor's office at (651) 296-3391.
Again, thanks for contacting the Governor's office and feel free to do so again in the future if you have comments and suggestions.

So, I am left with a bounce back email whic arrived Tuesday morning. I don't mind that it is a bounce email, but this was carefully selected and bounced back...Someone actually looked at the email and said "I don't want to respond to this." At least a bounce back would have come on saturday night when I wrote this.


Saturday, September 03, 2005

An Open Letter to the "Governor"

Dear Mr. Pawlenty,

I voted for you in 2002. I thought that you would hold true to your word and say no to new taxes. I thought that you would change the system and make good on your campaign promises. However you didn't and since I am not in the capital 24/7 like you are I gave you the opportunity to explain yourself at the state fair when I asked a very simple question to you. Rather than answer my question you verbally attacked me for calling you on your tax, suggesting that it is a fee rather than a tax because it is a voluntary action to smoke. Let me point out the absolute absurdity of this statement. I chose to work rather than apply for welfare or panhandle for money, should my income tax now be re-designated a "fee"? I drive a car because it fits the way I need to get to work and other activities, should we no longer call it a license tax, gas tax, or sales tax on car purchases? Instead should we call them License Fees, Gas Fees, and Sales Fees? These are all voluntary things, but why can these be called taxes and others fees?

Simply put, you recanted on your word and SIGNED pledge to Minnesotans everywhere that you would not raise taxes. You said that you had to work with the Democrats because Minnesotans didn't want a shut down. People realized that this so-called shut down affected them in minor ways but unless you were a state employee the shut down did not have a noticeable effect. You should have shut down the government and you should have held your breath until the Democrats gave in because it is their constituency too, but instead you compromised your values to satisfy them and in doing so doomed yourself.

You see, 1 year ago you could have been a presidential candidate with a good hope of winning. I thought that you could reform Minnesota and be the next Ronald Reagan. I tell you this with 100% confidence, you will not win re-election in this state, you will not win a primary for president, and unless you run as a Democrat, you will never hold any office in Minnesota ever again. When you signed the tobacco TAX (that's right, it is a TAX), you threw every political ambition out the door and sealed your fate. I hope you decide to save yourself by either repealing the tobacco tax, or resigning effective immediately because we need a true Republican to lead the way and undo this damage you have done.

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